Eko Bin 

Industrial Design

LAMATA (The Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority).  

Year: 2018
(To be implemented in 2019)

Like every major city in the world, Lagos has its fair share of waste management problems and like most developing cities, majority of the problem stems from insufficient collection of waste from public areas.   

Eko Bin acts as a micro solution to solve a macro problem of waste collection and throw aways in areas such as bus-stops and parks.

Taking into consideration and investigating all stakeholders (LAWMA Staff, Lagosians and various waste management programs)  in the manufacturing and use of the bin via mind mapping, the final design direction was dictated.  

With a unique form, aesthetic and pattern (inspired by Architectural fractals in Lagos) which also acts as ventilation to reduce the amount of heat and decomposure in the bin, Eko Bin is a product that stands out and gives “Keeping Lagos clean” a unique and tasteful identity and at the same-time creates a solution of waste collection in public and private spaces. Eko Bin is suitable for outdoor commercial use.


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