At nmbello Studio, we are always exploring intuitive, innovative and creative design solutions present in everyday life! Understanding how products are made, used and their benefits, our case studies focus on products that have been made to solve a particular problem, create economic viability and are well designed without having the "design" label on them. 


Kwali is a portable, hand-held convenience store used by hawkers to sell confectioneries in heavy traffic around Nigeria. Made out of recycled cardboard and Styrofoam, Kwali is extremely sustainable, lightweight and easy to use. Mostly used by northers who have migrated to Lagos in search of jobs and opportunity, it also acts as a great start to venture into a new business, as it is extremely affordable to purchase and can be customized to hold as many items as they are looking to sell.

Kwali from nmbello Studio on Vimeo.

Designer: Unknown
Production Cost: =N= 100.00 ($0.28)
Retail price: =N= 500.00 ($1.38)
Materials: Cardboard, Styrofoam, Sealing tape
Users: Street Hawkers
Beneficiaries: Commuters - Drivers and Pedestrians