SELAH Lamp 1.0

Product Design  

Year: 2019

Status: In Production by February, 2020

Images by: Kadara Enyeasi / nmbello Studio / Lichen

While exploring the existing manufacturing possibilities in Lagos, Nigeria, nmbello studio discovered a factory that produces the metal casings for electrical power generators for the Nigerian market. The generators are popular, due to the lack of 24 hour electricity in homes causing individuals to have a back up supply of electricity via the “generator”.

The factory’s processes then inspired the studio to create a multi-functional lamp whose form would test the design expectations of a traditional lamp.

The lamp is designed around the use of one flat sheet metal cut out that is bent in various corners, with a singular angle. The lamp shade made out of locally sourced recycled mahogany is easily attached with a screw driver. With the wire running through cut-outs in the vertical frame of the lamp its also easy to assemble by in both the production line or by the user (if need be).

A lamp, bookshelf or a stool, the Selah lamp will work to consider and accommodate the personality of its user and not the other way around.