Client: nmbello Studio


Focus on Africa, Palazzo Litta Cultura, Milan, Italy. March 15th till 2nd of April, 2018.  

London Design Fair, London Design Festival, 21st - 24th of September, 2017. 


TEBUR ( ‘table’ in hausa) is a flat pack work desk designed with the ease of transportation and assembly in mind. Until now, work tables were typically heavy, awkward to transport long distances after purchasing in crowded cities, such as Lagos.
These issues were considered in view of readily available transport options and conditions in crowded cities. As a result, the TEBUR allows for easy, one-handed transportation. The legs are held in place along the underside of the table-top by elastic cotton, so the user simply has to slide them out and screw each leg into a whole for set-up, with no tools needed. The handle also doubles as a grommet hole for cable management.