Lagos Photo Festival, 2018: Time Has Gone

Lagos Photo Festival
African Artist Foundation

Eva Barois de Caeval 
Charlotte Langhorst 
Wunika Mukan 
Valentine Umansky 

H-Factor, Lagos
Mike Adenuga Centre, Alliance France
Falomo Roundabout
African Artist Foundation 

Year: 2018

Photo: Courtesy of Lagos Photo Team

In a month long programme, events include exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, discussions, screening, and large scale outdoor installations in congested public spaces in Lagos. LagosPhoto aims to provide a platform for the development and education of contemporary photography in Africa by establishing mentorships and cross-cultural collaborations with local and international artists. LagosPhoto presents photography as it is embodied in the exploration of historical and contemporary issues, the promotion of social programmes, and the reclaiming of public spaces. LagosPhoto 2018 featured twenty-two photographers from over eighteen countries.

Working alongside the curators of the 2018 Lagos Photo Festival, themed, “Time has Gone” , the studio designed various installations and venues for over 20 artists and photographers.